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I currently am working with a debt settlement company and I have my doubts as to how well they can handle our debts. I went to their website and it looks the same since Sept. when we started.” Under Construction”. They don’t even have any customer testimonials. I told them about this and they told me they’re updating it. Does it take 5 months to do that? That’s why I’m having second thoughts about working with this company. The banks we owe still keep calling every day. Is it too late to switch to another debt settlement company?

Hello. It’s hard to say exactly what is going on, but given your description, it does sound curious. My guess is that either they are a new debt settlement company or they are not very legitimate. Either way, you have good reason to be cautious.

I don’t know if you can switch at this point because it depends on your contract with them and what progress/contact, if any, they have made with your creditors. If you are uneasy, you need to find out all the details of what they have done for you and determine where the money you have been depositing each month has gone. Is it with a 3rd party trust company in an account you control? Either way, you need to be fully comfortabel with this company before you make any more monthly payments to them.