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I have been talking to two different debt relief companies with 2 largely 2 different payment plans. Just wondering if the one is too good to be true. one company has plan to pay the principal without the interest, while the other has plan to pay whatever deductied amount the credit co. will agree too( that is the cheaper payment option for me). I have been trying to check out the companies and have been unsuccessful. Any suggestions?

It may be that you are speaking with 2 different types of debt relief companies. From what I can gather from your description (and without knowing more) you may be getting a quote from a debt management company (the first one) and a debt settlement company (the second one).

These are 2 very different types of solutions and it’s important that you understand the differences before making a decision. My suggestion to you is to watch my debt relief video here to learn more (and please pardon my poor video production skills:).

I hope that helps.