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How to Get Your Financial Freedom Back

Debt is terrible. Once it gets to a certain point it just spirals and becomes very difficult to overcome given all the excessive fees and penalties.

The honest truth is that for most people in this situation, it requires more drastic measures to get ahead of the debt rather than scraping by paying monthly minimums which WILL steamroll you over time.

You need help! And thankfully, good honest help is available. Professional people who can learn about your situation and advise you of your options for the fastest way out of debt.

There are tons of debt relief companies out there and most will likely pressure you into a particular solution. That’s not what you need!

An honest company will lay out the facts for you and let you decide which way to go. But which of the dozens of companies that pop up doing a simple online search for help operate this way?

You can look through dozens of similar looking websites of debt relief companies and have no idea which you can trust. It’s frustrating – I hear it all the time.

That’s why I started this website. To help people answer the simple question:

“Who can I trust to give me honest straightforward answers about the best way to get out of debt given my own personal situation”

I have been suggesting the same companies for the past 6 years! In an industry with lots of fly by night operators these are the companies who continue to stick to the laws and do right by their customers year after year. That is why I selected them to be referral clients for this site – they are honest!

I get “Thank You” emails all the time from people who are so relieved to have followed up on my suggestion and spoken to the company I told them about. They are so relieved and I love getting those emails!!


Hi Scott,
They were very helpful, and I felt they were very upfront and honest. Although the thought of this whole thing is scary and stressful I feel comfortable with the choice I made to go with this company you suggested. Thank you so much for leading me in the right direction.
Thanks again,


The company you recommended called me and they were very professional. After a short “interview” to make sure they understood my situation, they were honest enough to say they could not help me and explained why. I was very impressed even though I could not get assistance from them. They recommended what other routes to pursue and I will take that advice.



Hi Scott,

Yes, the information you provided was very helpful. I did sign up for their program. I’m in the process of going through the application process now. So far, I feel pretty good about my decision in going with this company. I’ve done a bunch of research and am going to move forward with them.

Thanks for the recommendation.


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To make the best decision for you and your situation, you need to be as informed as you can. So I have written some free reports and created a longer explanatory video that breaks down your get out of debt options that are easy to understand. The more you know, the better decisions you will make and the faster you can become debt free.

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