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I am currently enrolled with care one credit and have a debt of $7,500 . I just received a collections letter for another $1,966. My question is do I enroll that extra $1,966 with care one, wait till they settle for a lower amount, or should I enroll in a debt relief program. MY score at this time is 646 and I am currently looking for a (state/federal) job. Which will not effect my credit the most?

Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. From what you said, youi are already

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If I Use a Debt Settlement Company to Settle Debt, When Will I Be Debt Free?

So lets say you’ve made the decision to settle your debt in order to get out of debt as quickly as possible without filing for bankruptcy. How long will it take to be debt free? Of course the timeline for a debt settlement plan depends on several factors regarding your personal situation: – How much more »

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How to Settle Debt Using a Professional Debt Settlement Company?

If you are deep in debt and need an alternative to bankruptcy, you may decide to settle your debt to benefit from the lower payments and the debt reduction process the service provides. What steps are involved? Learn everything you can about debt settlement Find professional debt settlement companies and research them. Get free consultations. They more »

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