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Can I still be helped if credit card debt has been turned over to a Law Firm or Collection Agency?

Hello. Unfortunately, the answer is not very cut and dry. You can always be helped but it is a question of the type of help you choose. If you have been sued for credit card debt, you will not likely find a debt settlement company who will take on your case and so you probably want to seek the services of a lawyer who specializes in consumer debt problems.

However, if your credit card debt has been turned over to a collections agency, your options for a debt settlement program or debt management plan are most likely still possibilities. I suggest you speak with a debt counselor who can get the details of your situation. I you have a lot of debt and are considering bankruptcy, speak to a debt settlement company. If your debt is a problem but not something that cannot be fixed with a reduced interest rates, lower fees, and a 5-7 year payment plan, then I suggest a debt management plan.