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Hi. My experience is simple. I was trying to pay down my credit cards but the high interest kept putting me over my credit limit and I would get a fee which would also make make my next payment not quite get me under the limit and I would get a fee again. I called my creditors but the didn’t care and would not reduce the interest rate. Even though I told them they were going to force me into bankruptcy. They just didn’ t care. After going to Credit Solutions I stopped paying the card companies and now wonder of wonders they want to offer me solutions to get back on track. I have gotten my second offer from Washington Mutual which is 50% of what I owed them when I stopped paying them 5 months ago. Guess they can do something after all. I am a little nervous paying that offer cause I don’t want to pay out that money and then get forced into bk by a different company filing a lawsuit. I guess all I can do is trust Credit Solutions to do their job. One thing I believe I have found out though is that I probably didn’t really need C. S. as the credit companies seem quite eager to offer compromise when you get 5 months behind. Thanks.

Thanks for sharing your experience…Some credit card companies are more willing to work with you while other refuse to reduce your balance unless you use a debt settlement company they are familiar with, each situation is different.

Some banks are more desperate to collect portions of the outstanding balances these days since many banks are having financial difficulties while other don’t want to get a reputation that they reduce balances easily thereby creating a situation where everybody asks for a balance reduction. Thank Again.