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I was told Discover Card no longer settles credit card accounts, they will only except 100% payment. What do you know about this?

You really need to speak directly with a good debt settlement company to get an accurate answer to your question as the dynamics change constantly within the various credit card companies and how they settle credit card accounts. However, in general, most credit card companies will always say they will not settle if you ask them. They will do everything they can to convince you of that but if you really cannot afford to pay them back and are considering bankruptcy, of course they are likely to consider getting money from you in a settlement. Something is always better than nothing.

A good debt settlement company has negotiators that spend all day on the phone with the large credit card companies. They know how to navigate the process and they have built up relationships with those creditors making their ability to settle an account successfully many times more likely than without professional help.

Talk to a debt settlement company to get their opinion. They offer free consultations so you really have nothing to lose. A good one will give you their honest opinion as to how successful they can be given your specific situation.