Credit and Debt

Credit & Debt offers a next generation all-in-one platform that helps consumers make smarter financial decisions. They provide free personal expert credit and debt coaching, as well as support for first time home buying, credit repair, debt resolution solutions, personal loans, credit card options and more. With a 45-year history of financial coaching in the nonprofit industry, Credit & Debt brings something to the table that no one else can: real people, real options, and real money solutions.


Program Variety

Credit & Debt has a variety of services available to assist their clients with their finances. Their custom tool, Money Sensei™, uses personalized AI to understand their clients’ finances and empower them to make better money moves. Services include credit and debt coaching, first time home buying support, credit repair, debt resolution solutions, custom credit and personal finance alerts, personal loans, identity theft protection and credit monitoring, student loan refinancing, credit card options, and budgeting tools and resources.

Services Available

As a comparison service provider, Credit & Debt helps connect their clients with companies that provide the following services:

  • Debt Resolution Programs
  • Debt Management Plans
  • Financial Coaching
  • Personal Loans
  • Private Student Loans
  • Student Loan Refinancing
  • Credit Monitoring and Identity Protection
  • Credit Improvement Services

Program Costs

Credit & Debt offers free consultations and credit coaching to their clients, as well as free access to their Money Sensei™ tool. They may recommend services from their partners depending on your financial circumstances, which come with varying costs.

Industry Reputation

Credit & Debt has a 45-year history of financial coaching in the nonprofit industry. They are known for their personal expert coaches, who have served more than 5.2 million clients. Money Sensei™, Credit & Debt’s proprietary technology, provides members with 24/7 access to their financial information, tools and resources.


We were unable to find any complaints about Credit & Debt. However, this company primarily acts as a comparison service provider; there is a chance that Credit & Debt’s partners have received client complaints.

State Coverage

Credit & Debt is a comparison service provider, and they are able to match clients throughout the United States with a variety of services to fit their needs. Users can create a login and access their dashboard from anywhere, but service offerings may vary based on your location.


  • Free credit coaching
  • Easy, personalized recommendations based on your spending behaviors
  • Money Sensei™ technology that uses AI to recommend personalized budgeting tips and empowers clients to make better money moves
  • Pre-qualify for personal loans from multiple lenders in 3 minutes
  • Compare credit card options
  • Credit repair, credit monitoring and identity protection services available

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