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I am, due to the misconduct of my mortgage co. I am 6 months behind. I need a reputable debt settlement company, ASAP

As everyone has seen in the news lately, mortgage companies have been too aggressive in the past few years and in many cases loaning people more money than they should which is now causing huge problems for many homeowners.

A reputable debt settlement company cannot assist you with your mortgage related debt because they can only work on unsecured debts (like credit cards, medical bills, etc). Your mortgage debt is secured by your home which means if you are unable to pay, they have the right to take your home if you default on the mortgage.

If you also have credit card bills or other unsecured debts that you need help with then the debt settlement company can help you with that. Maybe that will help you reduce some of your monthly bills so your mortgage is more manageable. You may complete the form on this page “Need My Help” and I can help refer you to a reputable debt settlement company today if this describes your situation.

And if your debt problem is only related to your mortgage then I suggest you talk to the bank who you make your mortgage payments to every month. Speak to them directly and hopefully they can present you with some payment options to avoid having to foreclose on your home. Rememeber, they prefer not to foreclose almost as much as you but will do so as a last resort.

I hope that helps.