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I filled out the request area and got a phone call but no free report. When I asked about you, they said they worked with many like you and didn’t know you specifically. Who are you really and where does your check come from?

Hello. The report should have been sent to you. It is possible that it got blocked somewhere along the internet highway in which case you can email me at scott at debtreliefcompanies dot net so I can look up the request you submitted and resend it.

I know the senior management teams and or the owners of each company I refer to people. You most likely spoke with a debt counselor who would not likely know me by name. Most of the debt companies are large and have dozens of counselors who contact people who request help one way or another. That is why the person you spoke with does not know who I am.

Just like my site says, I refer people who request assistance to a company I know having worked in this industry for many years. I hope my site helps people answer a lot of their questions about the debt relief process and the potential solution available to them. For those who want my opinion of a company I believe to be good, they can request a report like you did and depending on the type of solution requested, what state you are in, and the amount of credit card debt you have, I will refer you to a company to speak with.

After that, you decide what you’d like to do and if the company I refer you to is not good for you and your situation, then you absolutely should not use them. The decision must be one that you make after you have done your own research and formed your own opinion.

Thank you for the question.