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Refinance Your Home to Pay Down Debt

Do You Have Equity in Your Home?

Yes? Then by all means you should explore that as an option in paying off your credit cards and other high interest rate unsecured debts.


Because it is definitely the lowest cost and easiest method to wipe out unsecured debts. Your home mortgage payment will go up but your total monthly cash outlay for paying bills will go down. Additionally, you will still benefit from the near historically low mortgage rates AND your credit will not be impacted negatively.

“What if my credit is bad?”

Good question. The mortgage industry has blossomed in the past 10 years with new products and services to the point where almost anyone can obtain a home refinance solution. The choice of mortgage lenders eagerly waiting to offer you a great deal even with poor credit is very large.

You Need to Shop Around for the BEST Deal

Since mortgage lenders are a dime a dozen these days (due to the recent housing boom, now gone bust) you must shop around for the best deal. Let lenders “bid” on your refinance and compare their closing costs, rates, and terms. Be sure to look at their entire proposal before you decide – don’t just settle on the lowest rate. Sometimes there are hidden costs that can dwarf the interest rate savings from one home refinance solution to another.

Get Multiple Offers Easily

One of the best ways to get multiple offers is to use a refinance service who sends your request to several lenders who then provide you with their bids. One that I really like is America’s Lending Partners.

Who Do I Recommend?

I had lunch with the owner a while back and I worked with the company for a long period of time. Their service is top notch. You may have seen their national TV commercials. Try them out, there is no fee for their free service and you can decide what’s best for you. To get several competitive quotes from Americas Lending partners click HERE.