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My question is: what is the difference between companies that say they can provide no legal help if you are sued by the creditors, those that say they can tell you what you need to do if this happens, and those that guarantee (because they are a “legal firm”)you will be protected from legal action by their legal expertise in these matters? I really appreciate a response. Also, which organizations, i.e. TASC, etc. are really a valid gage for knowing if a company is legit? THANK YOU!!

Lawsuits are relatively rare but they certainly can and do happen. A reputable firm will not take on clients who they deem to be at high risk for a lawsuit either because of who their creditors are or in those cases when a consumer has the income to repay their debts but they are blatantly trying to avoid it. Having said that, anyone who guarantees you are protected from a lawsuit should be avoided and any company with thousands of clients will have the experience and knowledge to guide you through anything that might come up. Why? They most likely have seen it before and they should have established relationships with all the major creditors. Relationships matter!

TASC and USOBA are the two primary trade organizations for the debt settlement industry. Both are fine but I believe one should not just base their decision on a company’s membership with any trade organization. Some companies who are members of any trade organization in any industry will be better than others so you need to carefully interview a few companies and find one you feel the most comfortable with.