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I am in real trouble. I cant pay my debts and have money to live on.

I suggest you look into all your options using a professional debt relief company that offers a debt settlement or debt management program. They help people in your situation every day and will be able to determine a program for you based on your income and your debt amount.

Generally if you have a large amount of debt and want to avoid bankruptcy, debt settlement may be something you should consider as the fastest way out of debt. However, if your debt is not too drastic, a debt management program will work with you to stop the spiral that often occurs as the late fees and high interest rates start to really cause it to pile up faster than you can manage.

The most important thing is to do something. Continue to research your options and then take action using a reputable company who provides a solution that sounds the best to you. If you let it go, bankruptcy will be inevitable and that has become much more difficult than it used to be. Best of luck.