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I have $25k in cc debt that a got from a divorce. A debt settlement co. made the offer of paying it off in 18 at $750/mo. I can pay about $1,500/mo or more. My credit score right now is 710. How much will it get hurt if I sign up for this program?

It depends on the type of debt relief program you use. Debt settlement will damage your credit score severely whereas debt management not as much. So it depends on what your needs are and what your financial situation is. I suggest you read more about the differences between both professional debt help solutions here and here.

However, it sounds like you can afford to pay off your debts on your own which is preferable if you want to maintain your credit score and get out of debt. Debt help is not a free lunch and there are consequences to using it. In my opinion, professional debt help should only be used if you see no other way to pay your bills….but it’s your choice, of course.