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Hi scott it’s susanna I’ve just been so caught up with thing’s over here but did you by any chance post the answer answer to my question? I haven’t checked for awhile. And I wanted to know if the person who asked that question about losing his or her roomate, do they live in nyc? My rent is so much that coupled with my debt. is driving me nuts?

Hello, I’m sorry but I have no way of knowing what your original question was, I try to get to all of them but occassionally one or two slip through the cracks. I also do not know where the questioners live unless someone requests a referral from me using the forms on the site providing their zip code so I can match them.

You can include your email address in the question box if you want then I can get you a direct answer if needed. It’s your choice.

Yes NYC rents are rediculously high, it’s unfortunate that such a great city has become such an unaffordable place to live…oh well, I digress. Thanks.