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Do i have to pay for a debt settlement company if they didn’t help at all ?

Typically, yes you must pay for the debt settlement company because you most likely signed a contract and I would imagine that the contract did not guarantee that they could settle your debts for you. However, the contract may have stated a reduced fee if they were unable to produce any results for you (but they still get paid for trying). If they held up their end of the contract and were not negligent in any way, then they will likely ask that you hold up your end of the deal.

Given the nature of the debt settlement process, I have never heard of a company that is willing to guarantee a settlement, however, there are instances where dishonest debt relief firms will collect your money and not do what they say they would do for you and that is a different case entirely. I suggest you review your contract and possibly have a lawyer read over it to see what you may be able to do. I am not a lawyer so, I am unable to be more specific. Best of luck to you in getting that resolved.