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Who Provides Offer in Compromise Help?

When seeking assistance in determining if an offer in compromise may be available to you as an IRS tax debt relief solution, be careful that you seek the best help. In general, their are several types of people who can provide this service like lawyers, accountants, and federally licensed agents.

I recommend you work with someone who does nothing but provide tax debt relief solutions, including offer in compromise help, to their clients because they are the true experts who have thorough knowledge of all the angles and they are in contact with the IRS every day. Often accountants and lawyers will provide the service but do not have many clients who use them for it as it’s often only a small part of their overall practice.

So when you look for assistance from people who do nothing but tax relief work, there are typically 2 types of operations you will find:

1. The large tax relief companies
2. The independent licensed agents

The large tax relief companies typically are staffed with salespeople who bring the business in and then the tax experts are behind the scenes working on dozens of accounts simultaneously. On the other hand, if you prefer to deal directly with an expert rather than a large customer service department, you may want to consider an independent licensed agent. That way you speak directly with the person who is talking to the IRS for you and you can always know exactly what your situation is.

If this sounds like a better potential solution for you, I can refer you to a professional licensed agent who can answer your questions, provide advice, and let you know if your situation qualifies for their IRS tax debt relief program.