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Why Would the IRS Offer Compromise?

The IRS offers a tax compromise in certain situations because they know it is their only option. If you prove to them you cannot pay them your tax, they are willing to take what you can afford vs. their alternatives of:

1. Never getting anything from you
2. Spending valuable time and resources chasing after every penny you make for years to come

They have bigger fish to fry. The IRS has a job to do – collect as much money as is owed to them by law. They know they are better off chasing the multimillionaires who try and dodge their tax bill through financial schemes or those who say they cannot pay despite their luxurious lifestyles.

If you really do not have the money and you can prove that to them, they will often take what they can get and release you from having to pay the remainder. Of course, their are no guarantees they will accept a tax compromise, but it does happen a lot.

To see if you qualify,contact a licensed expert who can review your case and provide you a free consultation.