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I’m behind on my car note…4 months due to an operation… at signing I was told I had the insurance coverage should I ever get hurt or ill and not be able to work… my payments would be covered… well it happened and i sent them all the info etc… months (many) they notified me I wasn’t covered… please remit the back payments… no debt co will help me as it ‘s a secured debt etc… I have No credit card debts etc… can anyone help me… they won’t rewrite the loan etc… help with advice is appreciated… thanks

Hello. This is a situation with a secured debt so if you are unable to make up the payments you owe, the only thing I can say is that you must consider selling the car to pay off the car loan. After you get that paid off, then look into a new car loan for a new car with a different insurance company that provides you with all the coverage you require given your situation. In other words, wipe the slate claen and start over. You should do so quickly to prevent further credit damage. Best to you.