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Dear Scott, It’s been about 4 years I never paid any of my credit card bills and I didn’t had a job for a long while. I paid some companies who gave me a good settlement amount but I didn’t know that it doesnt help my credit score. My credit score is really bad. I cannot get a home equity loan of my house even it is all paid of. I inherited the house. I can’t file bankcruptcy because of my paid house. I really don’t know how much I owe now. I never saw my credit report. I receive several names of companies that bought my accounts. So, I never cannot keep track to all. If I consolidate, I am sure I will be in debts forever in my life. My salary is only $548.00 every two weeks. My life changed so much, and got much into trouble financially. Reading my situation, what do you think is the best thing I will do? I like the non-propit companies but who can lower my bills and consolidate it.

This is a difficult situation because it sounds like you have no idea how much you even owe and your income it likely too little to afford to be able to pay back much of your debt and still have money left over to pay the basic bills and buy food.

You did not mention if your creditors are hounding you or if there have been any creditors who have tried to take you to court for repayment. It sounds like the only money you reasonably have to repay any debts would be the money tied up in your house. I seriously doubt any court would force you to sell your home but it depends on what state you reside in (note- I am not a lawyer so my commentary here is not based on fact, just my opinion).

You can try talking to a debt settlement or debt management company to help you out but to be honest, you may not have enough income to cover even a reduced monthly payment. If that’s the case, you may want to reach out to a social service organization in your state to see what your options are and to see what your state laws are so you can determine if your home is at risk.

Best of luck to you