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I have alot of Secured Debt. 3 loans from 3 companys totaling about 10,000 and I have no way to pay back. I lost my job of ten years and last year my wife was sick and out of work for 5 months. I do have a job now but it is only part time 32 hours a week. We can not file bankruptcy because of the fact that we have one from 2003. We have had our car repoed as well. What can we do?

Unfortunately, if it is secured debt, the company who loaned you the money will most likely take the item you secured the loan with unless you can talk to them and see if you can renegotiate your payment plan. You likely will have to make many phone calls to find the right person to speak with at the loan company but that seems to be your only option if you want to try and keep the securiitized items. Sometimes if you approach them honestly, describe your financial situation and are sincere about trying to work out a solution with them, they will listen. But you must make every effort to pay them back. Tell them what you can afford each month and stick to the payment plan you agree to with them.