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This is a great website. Very informative. And I like the fact that you do not seem to be blowing sunshine at people. Almost every page on this site that I have read says that people need to try cutting back thier lifestyle and budgeting better before going through debt reduction processes. Well, you have convinced me. I have about $24,000 in credit card debt, which would normally be managable. However, my son recently went to a very expensive private university in PA (and flunked out) blowing through every penny I had saved. I got behind, interest rates tripled, late fees, over limit fees, etc etc etc yaddah yaddah yaddah….you have heard it all before. And now I am behind. I work in a field where I have as much opportunity to work overtime as I can handle, so I can increase my income, and the amount I can afford to pay will vary every month. And now to the question. I would like to try reducing my interest rates and eliminating fees while sti ll paying my creditors myself. Are there any companies that will negotiate those reductions for me without me having to pay my bills through them?

Hello and thank you for the question. The short answer is that you can try and negotiate interest rate reductions with credit card companies on your own if you’d prefer not to use the services of a debt management company. Some creditors make it very hard to do while others are open to working with you. The trick is to call the right department within the credit card company and then keep calling until you get a sympathetic ear on the phone. With some companies you may be successful and with others you may not.

So search through your creditor’s websites to find some phone numbers and start calling. It may take some time and you’ll likely experience a degree of frustration but if you are willing to make the effort, it may accomplish your goals.

Have a good day.