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Problem is a 9 year old with BellSouth. Supposedly BellSouth does not negotiate debts. Now AT&T has taken them over. How can one negotiate a debt effectively? It is such an old debt!

Hello and thanks for the question. There are several parts to your question. First I will say that almost every creditor will tell you they do not negotiate debts, it is the standard line they are told to tell any consumer who calls them. This is why most people end up settling any debts through a professional settlement company or attorney who knows how to navigate the system legally.

As far as the age of the debt, I know there are statutes that can release a debt obligation assuming certain conditions apply and depending on the specifics of the situation. To see about your case, you will have to discuss the specifics with a debt relief company or attorney who can discuss your situation and let you know if ATT/Bellsouth still has a right to come after you for repayment. I wish I could give a better answer but I am not a lawyer and there is no general answer because it depends on the case. Thanks!