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Can I Do Credit Card Negotiation Myself?

Credit card companies are all different. While they each have entire departments set up to deal with late payment accounts, credit card negotiation, and collections, they each have different standards and procedures that dictate how they deal with “troubled” credit card accounts.

Detailed debt negotiation ” how to” information is hard to come by. Yes, you can legally try to do credit card negotiation on your own, however, expect a long road with a lot of detailed (and probably frustrating) work. Remember, you are one small account to them and they deal with millions of accounts daily. It will take a lot of time and effort to get your case in front of the people who decide how to handle delinquent accounts.

The primary advantage of using a professional debt negotiation company is that they know the ins and outs of all the creditor’s negotiation procedures. On top of that they also often know the people within the credit card companies whom they need to speak with about your account (the decision makers) which can make for a much smoother process.

Those decision makers will be much more likely to speak with a reputable debt negotiation company because that company typically represents hundreds or thousands of clients whose collective debt can total many millions of dollars. Therefore the creditors are much more likely to take their phone calls and negotiate with them than they are with you.

Surely that does not mean you cannot try to do credit card negotiation yourself but be prepared for the time and effort involved.