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My husband is active Duty Military. He got us out of debt before he deployed, and Yes I put us back in debt. sadly I have waited to long to get us out of this mess before he returns by the end of October this year. Is it possible to help me with my debt problems?

Sorry to hear about your situation. I don’t know enough about your situation, debt levels, types of debt, etc. so I can refer you to a debt relief agency if you choose to complete a “Need My Help?” form but that’s your choice.

Generally speaking, I don’t know a way to make your debt problems go away in the next few months unless you can come up with the money yourself. Most debt relief programs range from 12 months to 7 years depending on the type of program you enroll in so I don’t know of an easy way to get out of debt fast.

I wish I had better news. Talk to a few debt relief companies, explore your options, do your research, and most importantly, start saving immediately. Best of luck to you.