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U.S. Financial Management is based in San Diego and has grown tremendously in the past few years due to its attention to client service and its ability to cater to multi-cultural clients. They are uniquely positioned to help the English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese speaking communities.

Cut Your Debt in HALF

U.S. Financial Management’s experience and size allow it to negotiate healthy settlements for its clients. With over 5 years in business, they have established the neccessary relationships with the most common creditors and that greatly helps you!

Free Debt Savings Estimate

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U.S. Financial Management’s trained counselors can provide each caller a FREE ESTIMATE of how much they may save you based on your creditors and your financial situation. If you have at least $10,000 in unsecured debts – you qualify for U.S. Financial Management’s “My Debt Negotiation” solutions program.


Their In-House Attorneys Benefit You

As with some other large debt settlement companies, U.S. Financial Management has attorneys on staff.

Why is this important?

A debt settlement has many legal aspects associated with it and if done incorrectly, can cause more headaches for you. You want to ensure that your settlement is legally binding between you and your creditors.

That way once you complete the program, you are truly debt free.

U.S. Financial Management invests in your education.

The more you know about your debt and the debt settlement process – the better.

After all, they understand that debt settlement is about working with you as well as for you. Providing you with financial assistance and understanding is the key to a successful settlement.

And it helps insure you get out of debt – and stay out of debt!

They Saved Clients Over $6 Million in 2006!

That’s a lot of savings.

Successful Settlement Letters from Actual Creditors

These are partial letters sent by various creditors regarding U.S Financial Management’s client’s accounts – see the actual savings!

Creditor: American Express
Balance to date: $25,596.15

Settlement Offer: $10,300.00

…American Express has agreed to offer you a settlement of $10,300.00 due by 4/26//05. Upon receipt and clearance of said funds your account will be considered settled.

Current Balance: Balance owing as date above: $13,115.50

This notice serves as a confirmation of our offer to settle the above debt, provided the following terms are met exactly.

Settlement of $5,000.00 payable as follows: $3,000.00 due 04/27/06 and $2,000.00 due 05/27/06 via direct check authorization. Upon clearance of funds, Investment Retrievers, Inc. will consider the account paid in full and closed.

Bank of America, N.A.

Amount Due: $13,065.19

Our client has agreed to accept $6,500.00 as settlement in full for the debt owed to Bank of America

Account Number
Balance: $8130.77

Charge Off Date: 01/31/2006

We are pleased to confirm that we’ve agreed to settle your credit card account for $2846.00 Our settlement brings you these three advantages:

You will pay $2846.00 a significant savings over the full balance that you owe us. (Please note that the settlement amount doesn’t include any payments you may have already made to prevent your account from charging off immediately.)
We will stop all efforts to collect.
We will report your account to that national credit bureaus as “settled” with no balance due….

5000 Clients on the Way to Debt Freedom and Growing!

They can help you save too.

And there is no cost to find out how much

I have seen the their operations in thier office tower in San Diego. Dozens of counselors on the phone helping people make the best decisions about becoming debt free.

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