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Delray Credit Counseling services the Debt Management Program (DMP) offered to consumers by the banks and finance companies. This program combines the unsecured debt accounts like credit cards and medical bills that you may wish to roll up into one monthly payment.

Reduce Your Rates

With this type of program, the interest rates are typically reduced or eliminated and it will put a stop to any late and overlimit fees. Your new interest rates will vary based on who your creditors are but they typically can get them reduced to between 6% and 9% and, as mentioned, sometimes they can be eliminated altogether.

Delray Is a Non-Profit Organization

Delray Credit is a non-profit educational service dedicated to providing the financial education and resources you may need. They provide information not only pertaining to the specified programs that they manage, but also provide a proper referral service that will be able to meet your needs in the event that they are not able to assist you given your particular financial situation.

Whether it is a simple budgeting plan you need or more qualified assistance, their certified credit counselors can help you turn your financial situation around. They help you not only get out of debt but also help you stay that way.

Does Non-Profit Mean Free?

As a not for profit corporation, they do not pay Federal income taxes and therefore, they are mandated by the government to provide helpful financial assistance to people who seek it as part of their services. But there is a fee for their services which is modest and usually greatly outweighed by the savings people realize through the reduced rates and credit card late fees.

Reduce Your Payments and…

  1. No Credit Check Required
  2. Eliminates Late Fees
  3. Home Ownership Not Neccessary
  4. Past Due Accounts May Be Brought Current

In addition to its non profit status, Delray is a bonded and licensed certified credit counseling agency for your protection.

What Some Delray Clients Have Said About the Service:

“I would like to thank the credit counselor who helped me determine if debt consolidation was right for my situation or not. Since I was also considering taking a loan to help pay my bills. He helped me make the best decision and did not just try to sign me up for the program. You guys are wonderful!” Karen E – Las Vegas, NV

“My husband and I have been with Delray for about six months now and they have taken so much stress out of our lives. The company has helped us so much. I can’t even begin to thank them enough.”
Eileen – Lakewood, WA

“Rebecca was my counselor and she is great. When I called Delray I was at my ends, by the time we hung up I knew there was hope. Being a single mom with bills to pay and a household to run I would recommend anyone who is struggling with debt to consider Delray.”
Roshena H.

“”My counselor was Darrel he was professional, proficient, courteous and answered all unclear questions that I had. I felt secure with providing my personal business with him. I did not for one second feel pressured into anything. Darrel was excellent!”
Leonesha B. – Richmond, CA

Regain Control of Your Finances

Speak to the counselors at Delray Credit Counseling to help you learn about their debt relief options. The complimentary consultation can help you get the information you need to make an informed decision. Benefit from their consultative and personalized approach that is different from the large high pressure debt relief companies that are all too common.

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