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This company’s perfect size means that their 35+ employees are able to treat you like a customer, not a number. They know you and will be on top of your settlement case so nothing slips through the cracks. Some (not all) of the BIG debt settlement companies have become so large that calling them is the equivalent of calling your credit card company…lots of poor service and additional frustration for you. If you feel more comfortable working with a smaller but very solid and reputable company, Pacific Debt is one you must consider.

Pacific Debt’s Senior Management Has 30 Years of Experience

The 5 senior employees of the company have spent much of their careers assisting people in need of honest and reliable debt solutions. The senior managers of Pacific Debt believe that their debt negotiation program is highly effective and they have many happy clients to prove it!

Your Money Will Be Safe in an FDIC Insured Account

Pacific Debt works with a company called Note World to hold their client’s money in a safe FDIC insured escrow account until it’s time to settle each account through the negotiation process. This means your monthy payments are being held safely in a 3rd party account that you control until it is used to pay off your debts.

Once enough funds have accumulated, Pacific Debt’s negotiators will begin to request settlements from your creditors. They will leverage their years of experience and established working relationships with these major creditors to get you settlements that reduce your debt by 50% or more.

Pacific Debt’s Entire Negotiation Process Is Handled Internally

So you know your account will not be outsourced to another company to settle your debts. This means you can pick up the phone with ease and speak to them anytime to determine the status of your account. The customer service representatives and the actual negotiators all work out of the Pacific Debt offices.

Some Comments from Pacific Debt Clients

I would like to thank Pacific Debt for helping me settle with my two accounts. I was amazed at how you were able to get my creditors to accept half of what I owed. If I kept paying my bills my debt would have tripled by the time I paid it off, plus it would have taken ten years. Thank you also for making my payment work within my budget, I now have enough money to meet my other monthly expenses.
Erika P.

My wife and I had moved from California to Oregon on a fixed income and credit cards. After buying a home and only my income (social security) it did not take long to max out our credit cards and an outstanding phone bill. I kept thinking that I would pick up a part time job but it never happened. When we could no longer make the monthly credit card payments, with nothing on the horizon saying everything was going to work out, I went online and found Pacific Debt. There were a lot of companies to pick from, I don’t know why I chose PD, all I remember is after talking with them, everything seemed to be already working out. It has not been long since we finished paying off our debt, with money left over. We are in the process of moving again, needless to say we are not making the same mistake of using our credit cards. Thanks again Pacific Debt.
Melvin S.

I Have Met With the Owner of Pacific Debt in Their Offices

I toured their offices and met with the owner at length in doing my due diligence on this company. I was very pleased by what I saw and the level of service that I believe they were providing their clients.

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