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Cambridge Credit Has Been Helping People for Over 17 Years!

Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. is an organization offering debt counseling and educational assistance to consumers throughout the United States. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in understanding and managing their debts by providing each client with the personalized attention necessary to achieve financial stability.


Cambridge Credit Has Assisted Over 200,000 People

Cambridge is dedicated to delivering the best possible service to consumers. In an effort to further this commitment, Cambridge became officially accredited to the ISO 9001:2000 standard in 2001. Registration to the ISO body of standards, which are recognized and accepted worldwide, signifies that a company satisfies its clients and continually improves the service it provides.
All in all, it is an impressive operation run by good people.

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“I just want to express my gratitude to the people that work at Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. I am so happy that I fount this program. You people who I put my trust in, came up with the best and only way I could pay my credit card bill each month.” Eugene

“Today I am debt free with all my creditors. I owe nothing to anyone and I am current with credit card I hold. Balance is $0.00.” Kenneth

“We have been with your company just a few months and at first we were leary. But with Don’s help we are on our way to financial feeedom. I have already began to recommend you to people I know. Keep up the good work.” Vicky

“Cambridge Credit Counseling Corportation has been a tremendous help to me. I appreciate everything you have done to hae my interest rates reduced. You were there to help when no one else was! I will definitely recommend your company to anyone who is struggling financially like I was.” Cassandra

“Your company has been extremely nice in helping our family get back on track with our finances. Your Customer Service Department was one of the friendliest departments we have ever dealt with.” Daniel

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