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Diamond Consulting Prevents Foreclosures


Diamond Consulting May Save Your Home

They have developed their attorney backed loss mitigation business to assist home owners in need. By working with Diamond Consulting you may be able to:

– Lower your payments

– Stay in your home

– Avoid foreclosure

– Preserve your credit score

Diamond has a AA Better Business Bureau Rating

This company has been around for several years and has approximately 35 employees (and growing!) to help service their clients. Their excellent BBB rating is testimony to their dedication to customer satisfaction.

They Will Negotiate With Your Lender

As the number of home owners who are struggling to meet their mortgage obligations increases, lenders are increasingly overwhelmed by loans they made that people cannot pay back. By using an attorney backed process such as the one Diamond Consulting uses, your lender is much more likely to accomodate a negotiation.

Diamond Has a Variety of Solution Options

What if the negotiation is not the best option for you but you still want to avoid the negative consequences of a foreclosure?

Here are several potential solutions

1. Loan Modification – They keep you in your home through the previously discussed negotiation process which can:

> Reduce your interest rate

> Lock your interest rate before it jumps

> Reduce your principle balance

> Allow lender foregiveness of past missed payments

2. Short Refinance – A process in which your current lender accepts a loss on your current loan so you can refinace at a reduced amount that more accurately reflects your home value has likely fallen in the past few years.

3. Short Sale – When you no longer can afford the house but still want to avoid foreclosure, this solution allows you to sell the house for less than your outstanding loan balance.

4. A Deed in Leiu of Foreclosure – An agreement that the attorney negotiates where you give back the home to the lender in exchange for being released from all obligations of the mortgage.

5. Cash for Keys – Where you turn over the home in good condition to your lender in exchange for some monetary compensation.

Diamond Offers a Money Back Guarantee!

This is important. They closely evaluate your case prior to accepting you as a client so they have a good idea of how they might be able to assist you. If it turns out they fail to help you as promised, they offer a full 100% money back guarantee. Of course, this assumes that your financial situation does not materially change prior to the completed negotiations.

They stand behind their service and if they cannot help you, you risk nothing. On the flip side if they are able to lower your payments so you can afford to remain in your home, the monthly savings you enjoy will greatly outweigh the cost of their service so it pays for itself very fast. A win-win.

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