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i owe about 15000 dollars to creditors..ans would like to lower my intrest on them or have one lower monthly payment. I am condisering higering a company to help settle my debt, but i can’t decide if that is the best choice because i am still making my payment within days of the due date. so i pay on timeish, but i am not making a dent paying of the actual money (just intrest), and i can’t afford to pay too much more..what would be the best route for me?

I would suggest you speak with a non-profit credit counseling agency to start and let them give you some ideas as to how to best deal with your situation. You are keeping on top of your debt which is great but you are correct in that you should figure out how to get ahead of the game and actually start to reduce your principle.

They can help you lower your interest rates and consolidate your payments to make them easier for you to manage in what’s called a “debt management plan”.