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I am looking into a debt settlement program. One of my creditors is EnerBank USA, they are the most persistant and rude of the bunch. When the lady calls, and it seems to be the same lady everytime… she insists they do not participate with any debt programs and will sue me if I do not bring my account upto date within seven days. Do you know anything about EnerBank USA, or could you tell me if there is a way to find out if they are just trying to “bully” me or if they honestly don’t participate? Thank you!

Hello, thanks for the question. Unfortunately, there is really no way to tell but an established debt relief firm may be familiar with that bank and may be able to let you know what their policy is. Almost all creditors say they will not negotiate but when push comes to shove, they often take what they can get so long as you are being truthful and really don’t have the money owed.

That sounds like a smaller bank so you may have a harder time finding a settlement company that has worked with them on other accounts. Bottom line is I would speak to a few settlement companies to get their opinion and see if that is a route you want to take for your debt solution.