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Do Legal Debt Settlement Programs Require a Lawyer?

The short answer to this is no. Anyone can negotiate with anyone and reach a legal debt settlement that is binding and that is true with your debt as well. However, having access to a lawyer and companies who offer debt settlement programs that have lots of experience can be very important to help you overcome potential hurdles that may arise.

Debt settlement companies can be broken into 3 classifications:
1. Actual law firms that specialize in debt settlement
2. Debt settlement companies that have lawyers on staff
3. Debt settlement companies that have no in-house legal counsel

I recommend that it is best to use a company that has a lawyer on staff, a law firm on retainer, or a law firm that specializes in legal debt settlement services.

There is always the small possibility that you could be sued by one of your creditors during the process and you want a settlement company that can guide you should that occur and smooth out the process through a series of legal letters, etc.

Experience counts so be sure your debt settlement company has plenty of it. The ones who have been around for several years and have thoudsands of clients have seen it all so should something go wrong they will know how to handle the situation.