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Legal Debt Settlement Services- Should I Use a Lawyer?

In theory most lawyers can help you however, you will best off going to one who actually specializes in legal debt settlement services. Providing this type of service requires unique challenges and specialization which debt settlement companies are set up especially for.

In particular, a company or law firm that provides debt settlement services is in regular contact with the large creditors so they have the established negotiation relationships that you benefit from. A law firm that does not have these relationships may make the process less smooth for you.

Furthermore, you are likely to have lots of ongoing questions as you work your way through the 18-36 month legal debt settlement process so easy access to an account representative will be crucial. Lawyers without a customer service department for debt settlement clients may be difficult to get a hold of for small questions as their time is valuable (and expensive!). You will need this.

In addition, debt settlement companies have tailored their fee structure to make their services obtainable for people with severe financial difficulties with payments often spread out over a long period of time. A typical lawyer who charges by the hour will likely cost you much more than you save unless they are set up to specialize in providing legal debt settlement services.