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the collectors want $ 7103.03. I am willing to pay 4000.00 in 10months. Is that to hard to negotiate with the collectors?

Go for it. Contact them and see what you can do realizing that you will get extreme resistance from them so it will take a lot of phone calls back and forth. I am assuming your debt is unsecured, like credit card debt, so there is no reason it cannot be negotiated. Whether or not you are successful depends on your actual debt repayment ability and their willingness to take less than what’s owed.

If you are dealing with a collector and not your actual creditor it would help to know if they own your debt or if they are employed by your creditor to collect. Ideally you should spend your time negotiating with whomever still owns the debt (sometimes credit card companies will write off the very old debt that they have given up on collecting and a collection agency will buy it for pennies on the dollar, takes the risk, and make money if he/she is able to collect more that they purchased the debt for)…confusing, I know.

Try it. Good luck to you.