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Jerry Has Over 10 Years Experience

Jerry_Keran__US_Tax_Solutions.jpgThere are not many situations that he has not dealt with before and that means he can surely handle your case. He has reviewed thousands of cases and knows how to approach the IRS with each situation.

100% of His Business is IRS Tax Resolutions

He is a real professional. Tax accountants and lawyers can also handle IRS tax problems but it often is a smaller part of their business. As a Federally Licensed Enrolled Agent, Jerry spends all his time working with the IRS on behalf of his clients. He is up to date on the most recent changes within the agency and understands the complexities of getting a case resolved inside and out.

Jerry Keran Works Directly With You

You can talk to Jerry directly today. He does not have an office full of salespeople who you must first sign contracts with – you deal directly with him and he will be the one who talks with the IRS for you. No middlemen so you know your case is being handled in the best, most efficient way possible – by the professional himself.

He has a 77.8% IRS Acceptance Rate

Compare that to the industry average of 5%!

What does that mean?

It means that of all the cases the IRS reviews for a tax reduction strategy called “offers in compromise”, they typically accept only 1 out of 20. Jerry Keran’s success rate is so high because he knows how to select the best tax relief startegy for each client. He will not promise you more than he can deliver, instead you can expect an honest and professional assesment of your situation followed with a diligent effort to get you the best deal possible.

Here Are Some Comments From a Few of Jerry’s Clients:

“Jerry helped to solve a 10-year-old tax lien in excess of $70,000. Through the efforts of US Tax Solutions, we successfully negotiated our offer in compromise for only $3000! Thank you Jerry!”


“I have been living with this IRS black cloud following me for so many years, I felt as if I would never get out from under… Now I feel like the clouds have lifted and the sunshine is back! I can once again live a normal life…”

And a Few Examples of His Outstanding Results:

Client’s Name “S M” – A retired country songwriter who owed the IRS over $70,000. We settled his debt for $1000.
Client’s Name “J B” – Retired and living on Social Security. The IRS threatened to levy his Social Security. He owed the IRS $42,500. We settled for $2,500.

A Clean BBB Rating

Jerry’s company is called US Tax Solutions, Inc. which carries a satisfactory rating with the BBB in his home state of Tennessee with no unresolved issues. You can trust him to work honestly for you no matter what state you live in as he can handle cases nationwide.

What Can He Do For You?

Talk to Jerry Keran and find out. You have nothing to lose. The primary question he will answer for you during your free phone consultation is “Do you qualify?”

If you qualify, he WILL solve your IRS problem and do everything he can to make your tax problem go away.

He Guarantees It

Call Jerry Keran Today. You Can Reach Him Toll Free at 888-828-1040