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The BEST IRS Tax Relief Solution for You

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Let a Professional Negotiate for You

    1. You’ll Never Have to Talk to the IRS Again

    2. A Successful Settlement Will Reduce the Amount You Owe

    3. Stop Them From Taking Your Property and Garnishing Wages

We All Know the Power the IRS Has

They want to get paid but you cannot afford to pay them so they can get very tough and make your life very difficult. It all starts with a series of letters that get more and more threatening and then they start to come after your bank account, your home, and even your paycheck. They have the power to use almost any means neccessary to get their tax money and the huge penalties and fees that can accumulate quickly.

Here’s What They Do Not Tell You

    1. You Have Rights
    2. You Can Resolve Taxes You Cannot Pay

Although you may feel helpless, remember you are not. You are also not alone and because this problem is all too common, there are trained professionals who are Federally Licensed to represent consumers just like you against the IRS. They are called Enrolled Agents and they know the tax laws and how to effectively navigate the IRS very well because they collectively handle tens of thousands of cases every year.

The IRS Wants to Resolve Your Case Too

It is a huge government organization with thousands of people just like you and me. They have a job to do and more work than they can handle. Your case is just a number to them and they want to finalize all their open cases as fast as possible. They want to collect what you owe them, but if you don’t have it, they know they have to take what they can get.

You’re Not a Tax Cheat, Are You?

If you are someone who is simply trying to avoid paying taxes and you have the money to pay, then you are in the wrong place. In that case, get yourself an attorney, because you will need it. An Enrolled Agent helps people who have legitimate financial problems that are preventing them from being able to pay their taxes – the money simply is not available for a variety of potential reasons such as:

1. A business venture that failed
2. A medical illness
3. An unexpected disaster
4. Any other financially disruptive event

The IRS Must Follow the Rules

No, they are not above the law although sometimes they may make you think otherwise. They can bully you all they want but at the end of the day, they must obey the law just like you and me even though they do have a great deal of flexibility in their interpretation of the laws.

You need to know your rights.

—–You DO have the right to try and reach a compromise with the IRS.—–

What’s a Compromise?

A compromise is a settlement which means that the IRS agrees to accept an amount of money from you that is less than you actually owe. If you really do not have the money, you may state your case to the IRS who has a very complex set of rules and proceedures that dictate how they must handle your case. After their evaulation of the facts, they may agree with you, tell you to pay a lower amount than originally stated, and forgive the remaining balance freeing you to get your financial life back in order without the IRS problem hanging over your head.

The IRS Wants Your Case Resolved As Much As You Do

They have bigger fish to fry
It’s the people who have the money and will not pay that are the real problem for the IRS. The people who use all types of complex schemes to avoid taxes and then hire a bunch of high powered lawyers and advisors to defend their sneaky strategies. Those are the real cases the IRS wants to spend all their time on because that’s where the money is!

Multiple Types of Solutions Are Availabe

When you speak to a Federally Licensed Enrolled Agent, they will review your situation with you to see if you qualify. If you owe more than $10,000 to the IRS or you have not filed federal taxes in over 2 years then you should talk to an Enrolled Agent to see what they may be able to do for you.

The Consultation Is Free

See if you qualify and what solutions an Enrolled Agent may recommend to you. This is what they do as professionals and they have likely worked with other people with similar cases to yours. Trust me, the IRS will not leave you alone (ever) so you should get help sooner rather than later because the longer you wait, the angryer they get and the more it will end up costing you.

Here’s What I’ll Do For You

I will refer you to a Federally Enrolled Agent with years of experience and the qualifications you need to represent you in your discussions with the IRS. These agents know the rules, they know your rights, and they fully understand the startegies that lead to successful outcomes in IRS negotiations. You need them on your side if you cannot pay but want to end your IRS tax problem as soon as possible.

There is no risk and no cost to learn your options.

Do You Qualify for Help?

Find out today. A Federally Enrolled Agent can tell you. I will provide you with information about a qualified Federally Enrolled Agent that you may speak to to learn more. I will tell you about them, their qualifications, and the results they have achieved for other people.