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I have nine credit card accouts (Total of $58000 debt of Credit Card). All of them have been charged off as a bad debt as of July 08. Two creidt card company has served me with a summons letters. All the others has been assigned to an Attorney for Collection. I am worried that all of them will be serving me with a summon letter. I can’t settle with all of them at once. I don’t want to communicate with them on the phone. I really want to avoid Bankruptcy, I just don’t now what alternative I have? Any advice will be appreciated.

Hello, I am sorry to hear about the difficult situation. Unfortunately once you start receiving summons letters it is usually too late for a debt relief company to assist you. At this point you probably want to seek the advice of an attorney. A local bankruptcy attorney will be able to tell you any legal options you have in your state (with bankruptcy being one of them).

I wish you the best, you will get through it one way or another.