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I have 5,000 credit card debt. should transfer to a credit card that offers 18mos intrest free if i know that i can pay it off by or before the end of the 18 mos.

There are lots of credit card debt offers out there trying to lure you to transfer your balances. The people in the credit card industry have become masters in financial psychology and presenting payment terms in fine print. Having said that, I suggest you read the fine print on the credit card you are thinking of transferring the balance to and be sure you fully understand their fees and requirements.

No interest for 18 months sounds great but are there high monthly penalties for carrying the balance or making only the minimum payments? Are their minimum payments higher than standard? Etc….

They will be making money off of you some how for the next 18 months so figure out how they will be doing it and if it’s reasonable, can actually save you money, AND you have the financial discipline to follow your plan over the next 18 months, then sure, go for it.