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Scott, do you know between debt consolidation or debt settlement or filing chapter 13, which will hurt your credit the most as you get out of debt?

You have them ordered correctly from best to worst. In other words, in terms of the affect on your credit score when you get out of debt:

Debt Consolidation / Debt Management (least affect on your credit score)
Debt Settlement
Bankruptcy (worst affect on your credit score)

Your decision should be based on your situation. It depends on:
1. how good your credit score is currently
2. how much income you expect to have over the next few years
3. how much debt you have
4. the types of debt you have problems with
5. how soon you need to be debt free

So don’t just take credit scores into consideration, you need to look at the entire picture of your personal financial situation. While your scores can get damaged, remember, they can also be rebuilt once you get out of debt. It will just require you to be disciplined in your use of credit and not let it get away from you. Read more about the affect of debt on your credit scores. Thanks.