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I read a question from someone about the BBB rating of a debt company, what are some other ratings, there are other ratings called TASC and International Assoc. of Professional Debt Arbitrators? Are these good associations to judge a company by?

Basically there is no rating system that’s adequate to help you select a debt relief company. The BBB is good in my opinion not for its letter rating but instead for knowing the number of complaints against a company over the past 3 years and how many of those have been resolved. Unfortunately they do not tell you the most important statistic which is the size of the company. A company with 20 complaints and only 500 clients is not good but a company with 20 complaints but who has 5000 clients is an acceptable percentage in my opinion. If you do not know the size of the companies you are comparing you may be comparing apples and oranges.

The trade associations you mention are good and helpful but don’t just pick a company because it says it belongs to any particular association. It is only one of many factors to consider. There is no one single rating you can go by. It’s all a matter of educating yourself about the process as much as possible and then interviewing some companies to find the ones who give you straightforward answers….about the positives AND the negatives of professional debt relief (remember there is no such thing as a free lunch, right?).

Ask hard questions, research the answers you get, and determine who is being upfront with you. To me that’s the best way to find an honest company. This site has hundreds of pages of questions and answers to help you.