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How much do debt settlement companies typically charge for their services?

Typically the amount is 15% of your debt that gets accepted into the negotiation program is what a debt settlement company charges. This amount varies as some companies go lower and others also have a monthly management fee that also needs to be factored in when calculating the overall cost to you. Be sure to understand ALL the costs and fees, even the ones that may be hidden because those can add up too.

I suggest that people do not get too fixated on the fees as your primary concern should be the integrity of the firm you are dealing with. Only when you are convinced you have 2 or more honest firms you are deciding between should you compare the fees. The reason is a bad firm will end up costing you a lot more money and time should they not handle your case correctly.

An established reputable debt negotiation company will allow you to sleep at night and is more likely to have better relationships with your creditors allowing for the possibility that you will obtain better results during their negotiation process.