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How do you know if the debt settlement co is legit. They are very professional on the phone but when they get your money it may be something else

Good question and that’s the reason why I do what I do and why I built this website. It’s hard to know because any debt settlement company can hire nice sounding consultants who seem to put a good spin on the company they work for. Truthfully, it is a judgement call like any other in life. Research the debt company as best as you can, have several conversations with them, and speak to a few different companies to compare programs.

I have met with the companies I suggest to people when they request debt help which I hope gives you some added level of comfort (my research). However, the company I suggest to you may not be a good fit for you but that is something only you can decide. I believe the companies I know and suggest offer a professional and reliable service with many years experience and thousands of clients to back that up.

Spend some time on this website and read through some of the hundreds of pages of information, articles, and Q&A’s regarding debt solutions. Your best offense against getting scammed is to educate yourself. The more you understand about your debt relief options, how they work, and what questions to ask the professional debt relief companies you are considering, the better off you will be. You will be more confident in your decision making process and you will sleep better knowing as much as you can.