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Hey, Scott, a couple months ago I contacted a company based in FL to help me with my creditors with the amount of 18000 in debts. I dont think they are helping me. what can I do?

If you feel uncomfortable with how things are going with your debt relief company I’d discuss it with them and ask as many questions as possible so you can closely monitor the progress on your accounts. Don’t be shy, stay on top of them. Please realize that it does take time for the debt relief process to be completed but they must provide you with continuous updates. I always feel that steady communication is a key differentiator between a “good debt relief company” and a “not so good debt relief company”.

The more you can educate yourself on the debt relief process, the better questions you will be able to ask them to help you determine if they are doing the job they promised they’d provide you with. Learn as much as you can on this site and others, that’s my best advice to not get “taken”.

If you really feel like the decision was a bad one then you’d have to read all the fine print on the contract you signed with them to determine if there’s a way to cancel and what the consequences would be.

I hope that’s helpful.