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I’m making monthly payments on time to the credit card cos. MY credit score is or was 754 but my debt to income is a problem. I’m seeking help now before it gets worse if the finance charges go up, I’ll drown. How do you keep your credit good, keep one card for emergencies, and get rid of the debt?

Thanks for the question. I wish I had a ingenious solution to offer you but unfortunately I only have a common sense answer for you and that is to pay off the credit card debts diligently as soon as possible and stop using the credit cards entirely. If you enlist the help of a debt settlement company your credit score will suffer. A debt management program will likely not hurt your credit score nearly as much so that may be something you can look into.

You are smart to be proactive. Unfortunately good credit scores are often the first casualty as a person’s debt increases. Credit scores can be restored over time but the best way to minimize the damage is to get the debt paid down as fast as you can.