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what kind of questions should i ask these debt relief companies, to really find out if they are an honest company?

This is a good question and a hard one to answer. When you speak to a debt relief company, you should make a decision based on the facts that you can determine about the company as you speak to them over the phone:

1 Their size – However big is not always better but you do want more than a two person sales operation (yes, they do exist).

2. Who will handle your account once you sign up – Do they outsource the actual negotiations and customer service? (generally not a good thing)

3. Where will you pay your money each month – You prefer a third party trust account if you are doing debt settlement

4. Legal support – While only a few companies have in house lawyers, you want to be sure they have solid outside legal support for those cases that get “sticky” during negotiations

Honesty is a hard thing to grasp especially over the phone but go with your gut, ask hard questions, and do your research.

One thing to be aware of is to avoid companies that do not tell you the risks and negative efferts that debt relief procedures can have. There is no free lunch, especially in debt reduction so be sure the company you choose does not sugar coat everything. Remember, be a realist and don’t fall for a slick salesman’s pitch.