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i have 5 credit cards. 2 of them have higher interest rate and with higer amount owed. if I decide to hire a debt settlement company, can I have them settle these 2 accounts 1st while I keep paying the min amount on the rest until I have settled these 2 accounts? I just don’t want the other 3 accounts to balloon like crazy.

I suggest you speak with a few debt settlement companies but my opinion is that you should be able to include only some of your creditors debts in your settlement process while you continue to make regular payments to the others. Essentially you are including some but not all, of your unsecured debts if I understand your question correctly.

However, I am not sure what the benefit is to you of doing it this way. If you settle some of your accounts your credit will get damaged just as much as if you settle all your accounts. So why not try and just reduce all your debt simultaneously to get yourself out of debt as soon as you can?

If you just make minimum payments on a few of your accounts while you hire a debt settlement company for the others, your credit balances will balloon anyway, wont they? Again, this is something you should discuss with a reputable settlement company who will give you honest straight forward advice. Thank you for the good question.