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Hi, Recently I got a letter from a debt relief company. I called the tel no. But I have no idea what is all about. At first I presumed that I will be paying them to pay off my credit card in 58 months. I have no idea what was all about. I got limited knowledge what to ask questions and we were talking about the amount I can afford to pay monthly. I was procedded to another person via phone from another State to signe a contract. As I read the contract via email I have some doubts which I was not sure I will agree,while It was to be explained to me the detailed. But the thing is I have not come back and the works as an administrative has not call me back to expain the contract and I decided to consult to my Attorney and the contract were copied and sent to my Atty. I decline the offer until today I am learning your website and the lists of co. given by my Atty. within the state. I am thankful I got to learn many things. What can you say about my situation? Thank you. from Virgil

Hello Virgil….It sounds like you did exactly the right thing. You got a solicitaion from a debt relief company in the mail and you were careful to check them out before signing up with them. It sounds like there were several “red flags” along the way which I always advocate people beware of.

If you get passed around from one person in one office to another in another state, etc. without a clear explanation of why…RED FLAG.

If you are told “don’t worry, sign these papers and we’ll call you back to explain everything”…RED FLAG

If you are told “we’ll call you back” and you don’t hear back in a reasonable time frame (especially after signing papers)…RED FLAG

In short, use your judgement and make the company you are speaking with explain everything upfront, read the contract yourself, get any professional advice you can (like an attorney) and then sign only once you feel comfortable with not only the company, but also the solution they are presenting, its benefits AND it’s drawbacks (there is never a free lunch).

I hope that’s helpful. Thanks for sharing.