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Free Debt Advice Is Everywhere – Who Can You Trust for Real Credit-Debt Solutions?

We’ve all seen the TV ads and heard the radio spots telling us Company XYZ can solve all our credit card debt problems. There are so many companies screaming at you claiming free debt advice and providing credit/debt solutions with phrases like “consolidate”, “negotiate”, “settle”, “counseling”, “management” and on and on it goes. They all want you to call them for their “free consultation.” It’s more than a bit overwhelming to most people who know they have a problem but have no idea where to begin to go to get a reliable, legal, and trustworthy solution.

Debt is a financial problem for sure but it’s different than most financial problems. Let me tell you why this is true.

There are no well known household brands that people trust to turn to when they have a debt problem.

Think about it:

When you have a tax problem, you know you can go to H&R Block.
When you need to refinance your home, you know you can go to Countrywide Financial
When you need to set up a retirement plan, you know you can talk to your local bank
When you need insurace, Allstate is there

Now you need a debt solution – Where do you go?

Even more troubling is, what can you do about it? Most people don’t know what their options are besides bankruptcy. The solutions for having too much credit card debt are not clearly understood by most people yet there are all those ads claiming to provide free debt advice if you “just call now.”

I am not a lawyer but I do know that the laws regulating debt relief vary widely in each state and there is not really a federal law that sets the standard as to what the qualifications are for someone to provide debt help services to consumers. This has caused an explosion of many very small and mid-sized companies all pitching their relief services to consumers.

Be Careful Choosing Your Credit/Debt Solution

All that one really needs to start a business providing debt help services is a phone room to sign people up and an outsourced provider who manages the consumer’s monthly debt payments behind the scenes once they are enrolled in the program.

As a result, there are many people in the business who shouldn’t be and there have been multiple cases where companies have been prosecuted for fraudulent practices and making their client’s debt situation worse, not better.

However, do not despair, there are many great companies who do provide honest and reliable debt relief solutions to thousands of clients every year. Whether they provide debt settlement solutions, debt management solutions, they truly can help people who find themselves in a financial bind with seemingly no way out.

So while it is confusing and there are no household names out there who you can instinctively turn to for help, the help is out there. The difference is that you need to take the time to do the research on your own and educate yourself on credit/debt solutions available to you. Do not get sold by a slick salesperson and investigate any company before you become a client.

There is help for you, you’ll just need to do some extra work to ensure you pick the right option.