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I have an elderly couple who are in debt, made by deadbeat children. Will one of these debt relief companies help them. They are on a fixed income.

It really depends on the situation, the fixed income level, and the amount of debt that has been accumulated. The question really is, how bad is the problem?

– Are they making their payments currently or have they fallen way behind?

– Could their fixed income cover the payments if the interest rates were reduced (if so, look into a debt management plan) or do they need to try and settle with their creditors to greatly reduce their debt load (with a debt settlement program)?

– Or are they only able to really apply their fixed income to essentials such as food, housing, and healthcare?

Using a professional debt relief service does cost money as the programs are not free, however, even with the fees included it can bring down the overall monthly credit card bill (sometimes dramatically). Fixed incomes are tough however because these types of situations leave little room for error and often the fixed income only covers daily expenses.

Talking to debt relief companies is free as they all offer initial consultations to assess your situation to see if you are a good candidate for their program. I suggest you take the time to speak with a few of them to get a good answer.

Best of luck to you and the people you are nice enough to be helping.